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AE 3D Motor is a racing game developed by AE-Mobile. This is a regular introduction to eye catching 3D design, realistic landscapes, and vehicles, exciting and highly addictive, smooth, easy to control. And the clear sound effects will give you a real-life 3D racing experience. Drive and fly your death to the highest speed motorcycle racing car.

Drive wild on the highway, speed up in every way, like a plug in hidden wings. Come and be better than anyone. There are three classic views of the sunny beach, the desert desert vegetation and the wonderful pool game. As you level up, you get to see more beautiful sights awaiting you.

AE 3D MOTOR Racing Games Free Mod APK

AE 3D Motor APK

If you like racing bikes on busy highways then this is an ideal racing sport for you. AE 3D Motor Racing games free is an exciting game in which you have the opportunity to race different bikes on different tracks. It enables you to see how far you can ride a motorcycle without hitting the road. There are several different bikes for you to experiment with and unlock different scenes when you are equal.

This is really a test of your motorcycle racing skills. Make a mistake and the motorcycle will either collide with another vehicle or get off the road. Therefore, you need to make sure that you avoid vehicles and do not go too close to the opposite side of the highway.


AE 3D Motor is very simple, tilting the device will move the motorcycle in this direction so that you can spin the cars and trucks in your car – keeping in mind that the faster you go, the faster you ,you will get more points.

To go faster, you can tap the screen, which triggers the basic turbo, or power-ups that appear from time to time and make you faster. If you hit another vehicle or a wall, you lose the game and have to start from scratch.AE 3D is an endless runner based on motor racing as much as it is fun, allowing you to improve your score as well as unlock new tracks and motorcycles.

Features of AE 3D Motor APK

  • Avoid crashing into traffic
  • Different scenes to enjoy while racing
  • Unlock new scenes by increasing your level
  • Increase your level by gaining higher scores
  • Go faster to earn more coins
  • A variety of bikes to ride
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Two different control modes


AE 3D Motor is a racing games free is a gaming app that is ideal for those who like to ride a motorcycle. It tests their motorcycling skills and allows them to ride at high speeds on a busy highway without a car accident. If you love motorcycle racing, racing on your phone is a great sport.

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