Download Call of Booty APK v1.2.89 for Android and IOS

Call of Booty APK is a very interesting dating game from publisher Nutacu. This publisher has been very successful in developing 18+ NFSW games such as FIP CEO or Booty Calls to reassure you of the appeal that brings herbal calls. Call of Booty is based on a fictional story where a player meets Andriella. She claims to be a mermaid from a vast ocean and wants to find the human world, but she still doesn’t know how to do it.

Therefore, you need to help this girl achieve her desires through practical steps. In contrast, Andriella will help you easily conquer any city girl. Overall, this is a really “unique” opportunity to date your favorite girls. Because your character is a calm and shy man with everything around him. Job dating is something that seems impossible in your life.

Call of Booty APK

There are many applications in the dating category that you will find on the Play Store, but before you approach real girls, one should know how to talk and communicate with girls. Everyone wants to date a pretty girl and have some standard time, but it can be hard to get close to them if you don’t know how to talk. Call of Booty is the perfect package for anyone who wants to see how beautiful girls.

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Key Features Call of Booty APK

Call of Booty has a number of customization options, one of which is the role that you can use to enhance the beautiful and hot girls with your customization skills. This game creates a charming and amazing style due to the interesting dating environment.

Below, I’ve highlighted all the great features you’ll find with this modified version of the plant call game. If you are still confused about downloading this booty hacked apk, the features below will definitely help you to decide.


Name Call of Booty
Size 37.0 MB
Update 2021
Version v1.2.89

Date Beautiful Girls

One of the best things about any shy boy is that beautiful girls have the opportunity to make history. The game is specially designed in such a way that you will encounter many beautiful girls. Before you get close, you have to think about what you are going to talk about because if your behavior is found to be rude to another girl, you will have to reject it in real life.

Don’t worry about it because it’s just a game. Try to act with confidence, and the mermaid is there to help you in every situation. The opportunity to date beautiful girls will increase your confidence in how to start a conversation. In booty calls, you can give gifts if you want to impress a girl while talking

Unlimited Money

The Call of Booty game has a lot of premium items like personality upgrades, love outfits, gifts, and many more that are locked and require purchases to use. But we know, we get limited money in the actual game, and we can’t open everything. So to solve your problem, we’ve shared the Booty Calls app with which you can spend unlimited money on games without any restrictions.

Unlocked Characters

Anyone who plays this game dream of using all the characters, but this game provides limited characters that are free to use. We have to unlock every character by paying real money. But in Call of Booty Hack EP, all the characters are unlocked, and you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on unlocking characters.

Free Shopping

This is my favorite feature of the modified game in Call of Booty that allows users to make free purchases without any game credit or currency. You can buy all the upgrades like Blue Umbrella, Fragrance, Hill Egg, and both Level 1 and 2 books for free Just click on what you want in your dashboard, and it will be purchased automatically without any need.

Auto Upgrade

it is the most useful characteristic of this modified game. You can enable the auto-upgrade feature which automatically upgrades all the features in your girl character.


The Japanese are famous for creating beautiful girls characters in sports games, and you will find the same thing in Call of Booty. The girls in this game are so beautifully designed that you will immediately fall in love with them. The 2D graphic quality used in the booty blacks makes the girls in this game more attractive and charming. You’ll be amazed at the amazing visual quality that this game has to offer, and it helps you deal with real life pretty girls. The best way to deal with this is not to stay away from girls, but to use your confidence to impress them.

Premium Gifts

You can get a lot of attraction by sending premium gifts to girls. But the main problem is that most gifts are too expensive to buy and are not budget by players with tight budgets. So just for you, we manually modified this amazing game and unlocked all the premium gifts that can be used indefinitely without any restrictions.

Download and Install Call of Booty APK

  • First you open the application file and click on Install APK
  • Then search the search bar in the app and type Call of Booty
  • Click on the app and start the installation. Launch the app now and start using Call of Booty
  • Enjoy using Call of Booty in your system

Final Words

So these are just some of the unique features of Call of Booty APK  that you will love. This game is very interesting and straightforward to use for all those shy people who want to develop their personality in front of beautiful girls. The developers behind this unique application are trying to make it user friendly by updating it weekly. There are no big issues in this game and every Android smartphone version is easily available. If you have any concerns or doubts about the use of booty calls, please leave a comment.

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