Download LIMBO APK + Mod For Android (Updated)

Limbo APK was first released eight years ago and was released on the PC platform. This is an exciting game that will take you to the land of adventure. A little boy is playing a central role in this game. In fact, he is suffering from a mental illness. He was the only child of his parents but he believes that someone has kidnapped his younger sister. The story behind the game is truly touching.

Help the child find his imaginary sister in the game. Limbo is a puzzle game and the best game to kill your free time. This game is developed by Playdead Game Studio. He is one of the famous developers of Google Play store. Limbo is a great puzzle game to play on devices running the Android platform. This game is unique and very different from others and that is why consumers call it a masterpiece.

Limbo APK

Dangerous Journey in the Dark

It is divided into 24 levels which we can discover by moving left and right, jumping, climbing, climbing stairs or dragging and dragging objects. We will have to face various puzzles that will remind us of other classic games like The Lost Vikings, as well as fight monsters and enemies that mostly hide in the dark. But don’t worry, if you do, you can start each level as many times as you want.

In platforms, the surface is not light in limbo. In places full of all kinds of tricks and difficult puzzles, and the enemies are terrible monsters. To survive in this dangerous place, one must constantly move, move objects and otherwise interact with the environment. Any, minor mistake can play a major role in the film.

Management in the game by pressing the edges of the screen left is for movement, the right is for jumping and interacting with objects. For example, to move the box, long click in the bottom right corner of the screen is enough. Overall, Limbo stylish arcade game for mobile devices, with a good plot arsenal, well-understood game play and unique visual style.


Size 31.6 MB
Version Updated
Category Adventure Game
Version Latest

Features Limbo APKĀ 

  • Brainstorming black and white visual effects.
  • Beautiful dark gameplay that helps people overcome their fear of the dark.
  • Puzzle game based on real physics.
  • No need to start from scratch Boy traps the boy back before he falls
  • Great brain teaser and time killer game.
  • Magnificent interior design and the best adventure game according to its players.
  • 2D scrolling game rating on the Play store

As you can see, there is a download button below. With this button, you can download it to your smartphone with one click. This will be the latest version we’ve shared in this link, so no need to worry about the older version.

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