Download Stick War: Legacy APK 2020.2.153 for Android & IOS

Is the most popular and most popular mobile web game! sports Stick War: Legacy APK, the biggest, most fun, challenging and addictive sports wood sketch You control a building or part to play your army, you control every stickman. Units, My Gold Making, Sword, Spear, Archer, Mage, and also how you can search extensively. Destroy enemy statues, and capture all territories.

This game, developed by Max Games studios, is already a very popular game among teenagers, due to the fact that the game has already been found. “10 million downloads.” Has crossed the mark. With a rating of 4.6 / 5, Game Kingdom tests your strategy skills in challenging gaming environments. He did not dream of becoming a king and leading an army to war, capturing enemy territory and ultimately supreme rule.

Stick War: Legacy APK


Name Stick War: Legacy
Size 102 MB
Update 2020
Version 2020.2.153

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GmaePlay Stick War: Legacy APK

Stick War Legacy APK is a real-time strategy game which challenges you to lead a stick-figure army in mind blowing battles against all sorts of enemies. You will need to gather resources, improve your units and, in fact, be ruthless on the battlefield.

Gameplay in Stick Wars: Legacy is very simple and easy, at the top of the screen you’ll see buttons to build units and keep your troops in defensive or attack mode. Remember that you will need gold to build your units. You need workers to get this gold, so you have to maintain a good balance between the amount of fighters and the amount of workers. This APK includes a kind of gaming modes. Classic Story Mode, Survival Mode, and Tournament Mode. Each presents a unique challenge, which is very different from what you would encounter in other modes of the game.

Stick War: Legacy APK

For example, in ‘Survival Mode’, you have to fight against zombies exclusively. But in ‘tournament’ mode you will face another army like yours. Stick War: Legacy is a real-time strategy game that is great fun and offers a ton of content. Now one of the most popular video games for browsers, flashes on the Android operating system.

Features Stick War: Legacy APK

  • Ice skins contain strong magic that desire freeze and slow down the enemy
  • Wild skins are made from the bones and skins of magical beasts that allow them to wear bonuses, increase the speed of attack, decrease agility and sharpness
  • Lava excess skins are forged in the heart of the volcano and cause burns while also reflecting damage to the enemy
  • Vamp skins said to include the power of chaos, created by the darkest magic of inamorta. Vamp armor and weapons give your units the power to steal lives, prevent poisoning, and spray on people who come close.
  • 6 bonus campaign levels with rewards
  • Skins are now available for all characters! Unlock powerful weapons and armor, each with their own unique features
  • Leaf skins are faintly cheaper so your units can be moved and built rapidly
  • Less endless dads zombie survival mode! How many nights can you walk
  • Less cinematic introduction to comic book style for endless dead
  • Tournament mode compete with dozens of AI challengers to win the “Crown of inamorta”
  • The game has 2D graphics with a simple design, which produces a stick figure and this fight is very interesting.
  • When defending or attacking, there will be sounds like attack. When fighting, people will shoot arrows, the sound of swords, the sound of hoeing stones, to increase the focus of the battle.

Stick War: Legacy APK

What’s new in Stick War: Legacy APK?

In this fantastic free game, users will gather a large number of fighters in different gaming levels. First of all, the players have to fight with openness and as the level gets harder, so will the enemies. You may encounter archers who fight against enemies. Comparing the latest version of Stack Wars: Legacy with the older version, there are significant changes to its graphics. Highly enhanced graphics add more fun to the gaming experience. A rooster appears in the menu bar that allows gamers to upgrade and unlock new levels.

Hack Wins to Consider

  • The main purpose behind downloading the game is to win and increase the chances of success so follow the winning hacks.
  • It’s often annoying to see ads between interesting gameplay. But while playing Stack Wars: Legacy app, users have to watch promotional videos as it is a way to collect gems.
  • Players can earn gems that can be used to buy spells. It would be better to save jewelry to get the most expensive mantra
  • The real goal should be to destroy the statues of the enemy. However, remember that only after setting up twelve units, you can think of running these statues.
  • Unit formation needs to be done diligently. There should be an equal number of fighters and rioters in your armed forces. Stick Wars for Unlimited Money and Jewelry: Download Legacy APK.

Stick War: Legacy APK

Download and Install Stick War: Legacy APK

  • Just click the download button below
  • Wait for few second the file to download then open it
  • Install the Stack War: Legacy APK file on your Android device
  • Follow the instructions inside
  • Get started and enjoy the game


In this game Features are very attractive for players. It draws players to 2D graphics that engage in intense combat. The shape of the characters is very diverse and funny. At the same time, there are clear expressions of stickman soldiers. In particular, attack is the best defense. Frighten all enemies and prove who is the real king of the kingdom

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