Download Subway Princess Runner APK 4.8.8 for Android and IOS

Subway Princess Runner APK- Classic Infinite Runner in which you have to try to overcome as much distance as possible, while collecting coins for future improvements as well as various bonuses.

According to the idea that the authors of the game events will travel all over the world, which will not affect the gameplay in general, but will significantly diversify the overall environment. Like most similar games, Subway Princess Runner has colorful paint graphics and easy controls, and in addition, you will have the opportunity to try your hand online.

Subway Princess Runner APK


Name Subway Princess Runner
Size 60 MB
Update 2020
Version 4.8.8

What is Subway Princess Runner APK

Subway Princess Runner is a clear clone of Subway Surfers, with almost identical levels. In this game, your character is a girl in a pink sweet shirt, which you can personalize by playing and winning coins. Subway Princess Runner’s gameplay is just like any other 3D endless Runner: switch up to jump, change lanes on both sides, and go down to Summersault. At the top, you can double tap on the screen and hop on a skateboard for a few seconds.

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Like most endless runners, you can unlock new characters and accessories from coins collected during games. Although you will only start with one girl in a pink sweet shirt, there are plenty of other characters to unlock! Its developers have not cared about their brains trying to come up with the original title but we have to admit that the result is quite good and it gives us what the user who downloads this game wants: Subway Surfers alternative here we have to find the city train tracks of a city when you need to hover your hover board, play goats or ride. All of the latter when you try not to leave any coin behind.

Subway Princess Runner APK

Key Features of Subway Princess Runner APK

  • Run to the end of the track as fast as you can. It’s a never ending runner, so you can never experience the end.
  • User interface is simple and easy to use. Ill simple gestures allow you to control your princess throughout the game.
  • Music is also a sound for the ears to see. With the exception of the visual scene, the catchy sounds of your run with the music create the perfect gameplay experience.
  • When you run, you can collect gems. These gems will move towards the ability to unlock more content for the game. So, be sure to check out these minerals throughout your race.
  • Lots of different places to enjoy your race, including city, forest and more.
  • Play a great running game with amazing characters with this best girl’s princess.
  • Different missions will also be available within the game. Finally, complete them with more non-fiction content.
  • Colorful and immersive 3D graphics will keep you playing for a long time. Everything looks great when you play. Enjoy the background and place views.

Download & Install Subway Princess Runner APK

  • Click on the download link below and get the download link.
  • Download the APK file to your file and install it to log in to the game.
  • Download and install the APK installer.
  • Open the app installer and select the downloaded file to install
  • Club Soccer Subway Princess Runner APK

Subway Princess Runner APK

Here are some easy steps to download and install the Subway Princess Runner app on your device. Please follow the steps carefully so that you can install the Subway Princess Runner app without any problems.

Last Words

So, above we have discussed all the details of this subway princess runner app. This APK is one of the best APKs you can consider for playing running games. We downloaded this amazing game from the link provided.

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