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This is very interesting for smartphone games, you can only play offline games.
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January 11, 2021
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GameCIH is an app that allows you to hack into your smartphone game to get maximum credit. Credit can be in any form, it is more coins, no matter how much life there is, it can be even more rewarding.

This is very interesting for smartphone games, you can only play offline games. This is because there is a very good chance that the game developer could detect your illegal gaining of coins or more lives. Will find out the legal rules of your cones or more. So if you get caught hacking online, chances are you can add a ban to the game.


Android video game, kids, young and old alike love to play people of every generation. But you don’t know the naughty of the game, after playing certain stages of the game your energy will be limited to long. That’s why I’m sharing GameCIH with you, You can recreate the unlimited health of the game by using the existing application. GameCIH is the eldest hacking tool.

How to Use GameCIH APK

  • Start GameCIH
  • Go into your game app and open up GameCIH
  • Make sure GameCIH is connected to your Game app
  • Enter the exact value you want to change in the game
  • Start the scan, then go back to the game
  • Change the value you are looking to hack in the game through gameplay means
  • Scan again for the new value and repeast this process until you are left with less than 10 values
  • Now change the value(s) to 9999999 or whatever
  • Congratulations, you just made your own cheat using GameCIH

This is a very responsive  hacking modification and is a fraudulent application. Designed specifically for hacking offline Games. So if you want to hack any game then download your file from our site now. And enjoy the amazing features of this app

Features of GameCIH APK

  • It is available in the English Language, hence making it easier for anybody to download and use it
  • This App is completely free of cost
  • You can become a topper in any game with this app
  • App also serves as a memory editor
  • Also modify the speed of your game with this app
  • It is also possible to modify the state of any game you are playing including features like money, immunity, more score, HP, etc
  • App works best with a smartphone that has been rooted already beforehand
  • With this App you can also store and change any memory setting on your device
  • The app is very flexible and easy to use
  • There are no complicated settings to be made or changes to be done in your in order to install this app and moreover the app is easy to navigate through
  • The best feature of this App is that it is compatible with the older versions of Android OS as well.  Therefore, users with old smartphone models can easily take advantage of this
  • This is a very popular cheat app that has been used in countless Android games over the years because unlike other cheat apps this app is extremely easy to understand
  • This app works best with app games and also it most probably won’t work with multiplayer online games MMOs and other role-playing games RPGs so make sure you check if installing your game is compatible with it first.


Aside from that the app has not seen any updates for years and probably will not get updated any more either. Recommended for old hardware/software and if nothing else works for you.

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