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This game is an exciting action game with modern technology and colorful graphics from game loft to high quality graphics.
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This is also known as spider man. It is a famous action adventure game for the IOS and android system. It was designed and published by Game loft. The game takes place in ultimate Marvel Inverse Earth 1610. This game is for the mobile version of ultimate spider man. This game is an exciting action game with modern technology and colorful graphics from game loft to high quality graphics. During TM & Marvel Entertainment game you will enjoy duper motivation with over 20 different combat combinations. Supported by super-strength, the spider owns man.

At the beginning of the game, the spider man found a group of thugs who attacked a woman. Who fights them only for the sake of the one who saved him, calls him useless and runs away. Spider man was then seen chasing Sandman through a New York City. Who is engaged in battle and sandman has been defeated. Earlier, Rhino threw a car at the spider-man, who escaped, Rhino managed to escape and can then be seen in the flames. It was later revealed that the fire was caused by an explosion. This allowed all super villains free from the jailed with a combination of venom suit and OZ-formula symbols.

Ultimate Spider Man Total Mayhem APK

Throughout the game, Superman has to fight the villains that appear in the ultimate spider man comics. It also has to compete with electro, green goblin and rhino and many other villains, followers have to be fought as well such as symbols, thugs and goblins. The ultimate spider man Total Mayhem APK HD is based on the spiderman comic book. Your friend the neighboring spider man is coming to save his beloved city.

He must focus all his energy on protecting New York from this most dangerous threat. The enemy wants to take over the city and spread a poisonous virus. You will have to constantly work to stop the demons and power given by the enemy. Once again, you will encounter six main enemies of the main character, which leaves the city in a state of shock and madness.

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Features of Ultimate Spider Man Total Mayhem APK

  • Ultra-dynamic Game play with over Twenty combo hits
  • Ability to fly around the city with the help of the web, as well as capture enemies
  • 6 most powerful enemies Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Venom, Dr Octopus, and Green Goblin
  • Style of Comic graphics, bold colors and impressive animations pic, including slow motion, create an incredible atmosphere.
  • 12 levels to complete in different difficulties
  • Ability to open a black suit


Ultimate spider man total mayhem APK in which high quality graphics with rich colors and impressive animation. Including the era of Slow motion that will make your hero easily invincible. You will also have to go through 12 levels in different parts of New York, just like the history of fun.

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