What is Apache Nifi? How It Works Friendly?

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Apache Nifi is open source software for automating and managing data flow between systems. This is a powerful and reliable system for processing and distributing data. It provides a web-based user interface for creating, monitoring and controlling the flow of data. Apache Nifi has highly configurable and editable data flow process for editing data at runtime.

Prepared by NSA,10 years development, with a focus on data security, integration and ease of use within teams. With the help of apache nifi any data source Enter data from Relatives, Hadoop, S3, and more in Mark Logic. More than 50 data flow processors and it is easily configurable and scalable.

Apache Nifi

Why Use Apache Nifi?

  • Imagine data flow at the enterprise level
  • Provide general tooling and extensions
  • Allows you to take advantage of existing libraries and functionality of the Java ecosystem
  • Helps organizations integrate NiFI with their existing infrastructure
  • Nifi is designed to measure in clusters that guarantee data delivery
  • Provides insights and online documentation that monitors and monitors performance in a flow bulletin
  • Allows you to perform data input from multiple data sources, extract data in nifi and create flow files
  • It offers real-time controls that help you manage the movement of data between any source and destination
  • Helps you start and stop components separately or at the group level
  • It helps you drag, drop, listen, retrieve, distribute, aggregate, route, change and data flow

The Best Way to Run Apache Nifi

  • Ideal for separating test / dev / production environments in NiFi
  • You should break your flow into action groups
  • Use naming conventions, use comments and labels
  • Organize your plans into three parts: admission, testing and monitoring
  • Use unique unique names for variables

Apache NiFi Features

  • Support any Java-enabled device
  • Ideal for confined spaces
  • Troubleshooting and Flow Improvement Assistance
  • Offers character-based validation / permission
  • Enables rapid development and efficient testing
  • Easy single function allows the development of components that can be reused and combined to create more complex flows
  • Class loader allows isolation for easy dependency management
  • Nifi supports buffering all in-line data and offers back-to-back pressure capability as those rows can reach specific limits.
  • Nifi allows setting of one or more priority schemes
  • Provides connection processors for many data sources
  • Allows downloads, retrieval, and replay of individual files
  • Create your own processors, controller services, and many more
  • Encrypt content on secure protocols, provide communication


  • Apache nifi supports clustering, so it can operate on multiple nodes that process different data at the same flow, which increases data processing efficiency.
  • It also provides security policies at the user level, action group level and other modules.
  • Its UI can also run on HTTPS, which secures users’ interactions with NiFi.
  • This enables data retrieval from remote machines using SFTP and guarantees data lineage.
  • Nifi supports around 188 processors and a user can also create custom plugins to support a variety of data systems.


  • Precise security and compliance controls are required
  • You need JavaScript enabled to view it to work with Apache Ni FI
  • The chain of custody for data should be maintained
  • Transportation / messaging may not be enough
  • Access to data is required from available resources for transportation
  • Not all statistics are created the same
  • SSL and title level permissions may not be sufficient.

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