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Banana Kong MOD APK invites players to take part in a non-stop race in which a monkey tries to save himself from a storm.
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Nov 3, 2023
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Banana Kong MOD APK is a fun and cool game where players will start their adventure with gorilla. This game is full of beautiful stunts where you will always keep yourself busy in the forest journey. Start playing and make your trip to the beautiful forest memorable. Fun and trouble are two things in this game. Monkey is having a good time but difficulties try to digest it quickly. The beautiful name of the game will provide players with countless challenges and fun to enjoy in the jungle. To get started, you should know a little bit about the life of a monkey who has always been fond of eating bananas. But the time of trouble is near. This is exactly what happened to this monkey.

There are many levels to make the game interesting where players will enjoy exclusive fun. Enjoy the game with amazing stunts and lean on the wild creatures and take your race to a place that is not difficult to reach. Grab a tree branch or put your foot on the back of a river animal and jump as far as you can, that is the game needs.

Banana Kong MOD APK

Banana Kong MOD APK

There are some nuances of monkey energy that need to be acquired from time to time. When players step into the game in the mode version, they gain access to everything that is involved in making the game more interesting. First of all, players will get all the features of the premium version which will make it easy to get everything.

This means players will have easy access to everything unlocked. In the same way, there will be unlimited bananas and hearts available to make the monkey faster, which is a wonderful combination of essential entertainment.

A Mountain of Banana Peels

The story of the game is to save the monkey from the difficulties that will have to suffer the consequences. But in the face of time and difficulty, there was no choice but to flee. Banana Kong MOD APK invites players to take part in a non-stop race in which a monkey tries to save himself from a storm. The storm came because of the monkey itself. Players will step into the nail to save their monkey from the tsunami.

The monkey in the game is troubled by a mountain of banana peels which has become very turbulent over time and can fall at any time. You have to run before the mountain falls on you. Take a look at the jungle and go to every place you have never been before and run until you are convinced that trouble will not come. Players are encouraged to adapt the game to their desires. Players will go through various processes to enhance their fun with Kong. Take a look at the challenges and discover more about the game world.

Restore The Monkey’s Energy

The journey of the dear Kong is very difficult. Players will have to feed all the bananas along the way to retain the monkey’s energy. The dark night forest and the countless wild animals that can appear at any moment can cross the river by running through a dark tunnel or using a tree branch by the river. Although this game includes all the basic needs of a monkey, in the beginning the player cannot use all the things at once. Improve the monkey’s skills to overcome obstacles and take your game to the next level. As players understand the needs of the game, the game will definitely push players into the process of accessing more important needs.

Banana Kong gives players the opportunity to take their leisure activities to different places, because here you have to run on more than one territory together with the monkey. Use everything at every level to make the game attractive. This action plays the role of immersing the players in the game.

How To Make Banana Kong Interesting?

Because monkeys have a special attachment to bananas, the more bananas a monkey eat, the more capacity it will have. Players will see a large number of bananas throughout the game and every effort should be made to catch them. Similarly, when it comes to jumping, there are definitely a lot of valuable things that can make a monkey jump. It also offers players additional benefits, including magnet, apparel and item stores that make each trip more exciting.

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Similarly, when it comes to levels in the game, you have to participate in more than 100 levels. At each level, players have the opportunity to win prizes and update their monkey skills. Banana Kong allows players to secure their performance on the cloud as well as on social media. Players can now always start their game from where they were before. Take part in the challenges and enjoy your game and meet every need of your monkey.


Banana Kong is an addictive and relaxing game that attracts players with its funny story. Every moment of the game is fun and entertaining for the players. Stunning colorful graphics and rhythmic sounds in a beautiful wild environment make players spend more time in the game. Start the game and enjoy a wonderful wild trip with your gorilla.

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  • Unlimited Bananas
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