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GTA 4 APK introduces players to new thinking and action where the goal of each player is to prove their importance in the game in every way.
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Nov 24, 2023
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All Rockstar games have gained considerable popularity over time. Despite the fact that all the games have been around for a long time, the story of all these games still attracts the attention of the players. At the moment, players prefer GTA 5 and San Andreas, but that doesn’t mean players aren’t interested in the old GTA games anymore. Thus, just as GTA 3 is still loved by players today, so is Grand Theft Auto IV still played and loved today. If you want to enjoy this game again then this is definitely a great opportunity to play this game on Android and iOS devices with GTA 4 APK. Let’s take a look at the story of this game and all the reasons for its popularity.


Overview of GTA 4 Mobile Game

GTA 4 is the fourth part of the GTA series game that offers players action-packed activities. The biggest reason for the popularity of this game is the innumerable crimes in the world of this game. Players will be involved in everything from theft to robbery in this game. GTA 4 Mobile introduces players to new thinking and action where the goal of each player is to prove their importance in the game in every way.

In this game players will immerse themselves in the world of crime where every friend is enemy and every enemy can become friend. The principle of the game is to ensure your freedom where opposing groups can carry out a murderous attack at any time.

In this game you will start a special goal to thwart everyone’s plan in which your safety comes first. At any moment, groups of opponents can check your movements and plan to kill you. Protect yourself from any conspiracy and explore every resource and make them a part of your every journey that can ensure your safety.

About of GTA 4 APK

In addition, GTA 4 APK will provide players with unparalleled fun activities. You can earn a lot of money by participating in it. Participate in every part of the game and raise your profile in the real crime world and conquer all kinds of challenges.

Players will see the presence of countless characters to make the game world look real. Each character in the game has a specific purpose. Someone is doing dangerous business and someone is sponsoring the mafia. The most important person for the players is Niko Bellic, the main character of the game. GTA 4 APK includes New York City and four different cities, where the whole game is set.

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The game also interprets the old game Liberty City where you will see a lot of effects. Niko is a Serbian, and he arrived in New York at the request of his cousin Roman Bellic. Their friendship is very old and it is said that Niko has always helped his cousin in every difficulty. Mention some other characters here, including Brucie Kibbutz, Elizabeta Torres, Dwayne Forge, Ilyena Faustin,, Fifteen Man Squad and others. In every action of the game, each character can be your friend or foe as circumstances and intentions may change suddenly.

Features of GTA 4 APK 

Countless challenges in the open world

GTA 4 APK BETA presents unparalleled challenges for players where each time your goal is to take a different path. In the world of game you will not only keep yourself in one place but you will go everywhere for every action. Meeting different people and getting their help or reaching a safe place is a lot of fun in every challenge.

Take part in various dangerous missions

Grand Theft Auto IV APK offers countless missions for players that are different in every way. Engage yourself in all missions and complete each mission with different goals each time. Whether it’s time or days, dangerous activities are always waiting for you.

Steal and get resources

Since the game is about the world of crime, no action of yours can be complete without resources. You have to have all the resources to deal with dangerous people, whether you rob or steal. Collect every need or get from other people and push yourself in the process of the game.

All kinds of fun

Special mention is made of those fun moments of the game where players can fly airplanes, in addition to swimming, the choice of speed car and much more. Players will engage in recreational activities during the extra time of the game and will have a lot of fun refreshing their mood.

Learn important secrets

Any opponent can attack you at any time by reviewing your movements. The goal of each enemy in the game is to secure himself in a mysterious place from which he devises all sorts of plans. Players will go to all sorts of places to find out their plans in the game and to uncover all kinds of secrets.


Graphics are always given special recognition because the graphics in GTA games are always realistic. Players will always feel real in every part of the game, in every mission. Similarly, with graphics, sound always captures every concept, every conversation.

Download GTA 4 APK + OBB

  • Click on the APK file and proceed to download.
  • Next, open the APK file and start the installation process for your mobile.
  • The third step is to place the OBB file.
  • Extract OBB file to install GTA 4.
  • Finally, run the APK file and enjoy GTA 4 Mobile.

Final Words

You can easily enjoy the game with OBB data file on your Android devices. Start playing and enjoy every aspect of the game and conquer all kinds of activities.

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