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GTA San Andreas APK is the most popular game in the GTA series, designed by Rockstar North and released in 2004.
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We all don’t want to leave our favorite games in any solution no matter how many games come in the market. When it comes to a game that does not lose its popularity over time, then we cannot even think of leaving the game. A series that we can say is still in the hearts of every player, which is (Grand Theft Auto) GTA San Andreas APK. The series began in the 90’s and is still known around the world for its popularity.

Today we will introduce you to a game in the same series which is still considered a special game for players. We are talking about the successful and popular game GTA San Andres. The most important thing is that you can make it easy to play this game on your mobile so let us all know about the plot of this game and how we can install this game in mobile.

GTA San Andreas APK

Introduction to GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is the most popular game in the GTA series, designed by Rockstar North and released in 2004. In the beginning, the game received such a special response from the players that it became one of the most popular games in the world.

Even today, the popularity of this game has not diminished at all. Whether PC version or mobile, game fans still find the game unique and immersed in the game. GTA lovers definitely don’t want to miss any part of the GTA series. The best thing is that we can now use the mobile version of this game. Isn’t that wonderful for us?

The existence of smartphones is definitely accessible to everyone these days. So why not install something special in the storage of our devices in the form of a game. If you agree, let’s use this game in our device. Of course, this wonderful name will take us to the level of happiness where we will have more adventures.

Storyline GTA San Andreas APK

The story of GTA San Andreas APK begins with Carl Johnson, who lives with his family in Los Santos. Circumstances compel him to move away from his family. CJ wanted to spend the rest of his life in peace. A city where bullying and drug addiction were rampant and the CJ did not want to see them again. Among them was Carl’s younger brother, a gang named Street Crime, in whose presence terror was growing in the city.

CJ was living his life completely unaware but 5 years later he got the news that his mother had passed away. So, forgetting the past, he decided to return to Los Santos and make sure to attend his mother’s funeral. So he came back and arranged a taxi, but at the airport he was threatened by two corrupt policemen, a threat that had nothing to do with Carl. He went to the funeral without paying attention to their words.

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Carl was so saddened by his mother’s death that he could not take anything for granted. He tried to find out everything from his elder brother but in all of them he found out that his elder brother and his companions were slowly losing their strength. This was a surprise to Carl, so he decided to stay here, while at the same time he would investigate all the elements and punish everyone who was responsible for it. Players will start their goal here in the GTA San Andreas APK.

Find the traitors and restore your brother’s power and for all of them you have to complete the unlimited missions. So take part in the game for the sake of lost prestige and find the secrets that are necessary with your strength.

Key Features of GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas APK has some great parts that players have appreciated in every solution. All the players who want to start this game or all those who are already playing this game, the sections below will definitely increase your enjoyment.

  • The game will take you to an open world where you have to go everywhere. The game has great map features so when you find yourself in that position you will be able to consider your next destination through the maps. Every building, street, even unknown place, you have to look at them all, if your enemy is not there.
  • Bikes, bicycles, cars, trucks, squad bikes can be used in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Therefore, they should be used and always one step ahead of the enemy’s thinking.
  • There are many missions for players in GTA San Andres that can be completed to unlock the next mission. Initially, players can easily understand the mission, but each upcoming mission can be more difficult than the last, so complete the game’s mission according to your preferences and if you want to enjoy something other than the mission. Also, there is so much in the game for players.
  • In the latest update, RockStar has added new features to the game, including the ability to swim in the ocean. Fighting can take you to sea level, so improve your skills and don’t get caught by the enemy at all.
  • Would you like to experience high speed cars in the game? Then GTA SA APK will be a lot of fun for you. The game includes more than 200 types of vehicles. You will be able to use each vehicle for your own purposes. Also, if you want to make the cars of your choice, access the garage and customize the vehicles of your choice.
  • GTA San Andreas APK also includes mini-games that you can play or enjoy from time to time. Players will also have to deal with theft and robbery, so keep your goals in mind and keep everything in front of you for your own protection.
  • Money is very important in every aspect of the game because the right amount of money will help you buy more dangerous things in the game and the most important game involves casinos. You can also increase your money by participating in sports here.
  • You have to restore the power of your brother which has been taken over by the opposing forces so make a thought that you can take over all the area which is very important.
  • Evaluate the strength of the group in the game, which is Ballas, and use a unique mindset to eliminate them all.
  • 3D graphics will make you more inclined towards the game, which will allow you to establish your fear in Los Santos. In addition, you will be able to enjoy all parts with high quality views.
  • Game control will definitely help you to control the situation. Of course, you have to make plans to monitor your movements so that you hurt the enemy’s eyes and they will not be able to reach you.
  • You can also take part in refreshments in GTA San Andreas APK like playing basketball, introduce yourself to new people, BarberShop create new hairstyles and much more.

GTA San Andreas OBB Data File

To use the game on mobile, you need to complete the necessary steps. If you do not complete any of them, you will unfortunately not be able to access the game. To download GTA San Andreas APK, first you need to download the APK file. You will then need to download the data files in the next step.

This will basically help you to get the full gameplay on your mobile devices. Once the download is complete, go to your mobile storage and open these files and proceed to the next step of installation. Click the button below to start the process of downloading the data files.

Download GTA San Andreas OBB 

The OBB files are very important for the GTA San Andreas Installation process.

  • Download OBB files.
  • Now go back to the folder where you saved your APK file and open the file to install.
  • Do not open the file now after the installation is complete but open the OBB zip file folder.
  • Now Extract the San Andreas OBB file to SD card obb or you can copy the extracted folder into com.rockstargames.gtasa to android / OBB.
  • By completing this process, you will be able to use GTA San Andreas APK easily.


You will surely be familiar with the popularity of GTA San Andreas game. The game world will take you to situations where you have to pursue your goal successfully. The enemy is advancing fast and you don’t want that at all. Restoring the power of your brother’s guru is your first priority. Let’s jump into the game before it’s too late. Revenge all conspiracies that grow in your absence. With that, expose the conspiracy of your mother’s killer and kill everyone involved.

In terms of refreshments, some features of the game will definitely be brought to your notice. So when you allow yourself to enjoy such activities, it will keep you refreshed. GTA San Andreas APK will not let you get bored in any way, but will force you to accomplish a goal that takes time. Download the game and show your skills to the whole city, and yet no one can control Los Santos better than you.

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