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Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK will offer players fun gameplay where players will try various tactics to torture their bosses.
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The cure for anger is to either be patient or calm down by venting your anger on someone. Be it in the office or any other place of work, excessive work pressure or harassment by the boss increases a person’s anger. The best part of this process is that the anger is directed at the person who is causing it. But can we really avenge our boss’s past mistakes? For Android and iOS users, this great title will allow players to immerse themselves in fun and unique gameplay. We are talking about Beat the Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK.

Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK

About to Beat the Boss 4: Buddy Kick Game

Hit the buddy. The game has been very popular with players from all walks of life, which is why it is the fourth part of this series. In each series, the developer has done a great job of providing a great story and each part has been appreciated by the players. Beat the Boss 4 is full of fun but in a unique way the players here will surely vent their anger in different ways. The name of the game suggests that this game is going to be great especially for those who are annoyed with their bosses. The game is not really about real life, it’s just a game in which players will find a wonderful environment for entertainment.

Gameplay of Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK

Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK will offer players fun gameplay where players will try various tactics to torture their bosses. To make the game faster and more interesting, players will find themselves in every part of the game with a variety of weapons and levels. The MOD version will provide players unlimited money and diamonds that make the process of upgrading themselves easier.

Features Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK

Start playing with different maps

This game will take players to countless worlds for non-stop fun. To make the game environment even better, various places have been added for gamers where you can find people around the world who are dirty. There is no limit to anger in the game but it is the responsibility of the players to find the owners and vent their anger on them. Discover new destinations on the maps and take your process to different people that will bring real fun to the game world.

More than 30 levels

It’s easy for players to customize this fun game. When players are in this world, they will be free to oppress. Beat the Boss 4 introduces players to a variety of cruel bosses around the world that make it easy for you to find a target. Examine more than thirty levels where each time players will have the opportunity to unleash their angry emotions with a unique action. Players can go to any lengths in the game to relieve their stress and tension and use their anger to exchange fun.

Excessive anger

Relieving stress in the game is important for athletes in every way and for that you have to take part in important competitions. The more powerful the players’ attacks, the faster their points will be earned and you will have the opportunity to show the world your performance. The more players are angry at the offender, the more suspense there will be in the game and all the battles in the game will be more intense.

Assault with weapons

When the fire of anger and revenge grows, surely no action is difficult for man. To carry out this process, man prefers to attack with all kinds of tools. In this game, players will have more than a hundred weapons to hurt their bosses and kill them. Players will kill their dirty and cruel bosses in various ways to put out the fire inside them. Beat the Boss 4 has hammers, boxing gloves, cutting machines, guns, dirty eggs, grinders, swords, smelly fruit and much more for the players. You can easily choose and hurt your owners in a variety of ways. There are always 130 weapons available to help you become a tyrant and avenge your past.

Extremely easy controls

The story of the game is full of violence but just for fun. The main purpose of the story is to immerse yourself in a different environment where the players get simulated characters for real action. Players do not need to improve their skills or engage in difficult processes. Here, with easy controls, players will always have easy access to all game experiences. There is a time limit for each contest and at the same time you have to vent all your anger on the respective boss. For users, there are easy swipe and touch options that complete the entire game process.

Get started with online players

Making the game online will make the game more enjoyable, which is why players can link the game to their social accounts. The most important advantage of this feature is that players will have the opportunity to know their anger and other players’ thoughts. Similarly, players can deal with a variety of challenges that make it easy to make a name for themselves on the leaderboard after a full-blown attack from both sides. The developer has also added a wonderful and rare process for players in the game, with which you can save your progress.

Keep upgrading yourself

You need to upgrade yourself in every part of the game to achieve the key requirements so you will have plenty of opportunities for that. Money and heart are important needs of every player in the game and thanks to this the direction of progress of the players in the game is known. Players must successfully complete all of their targets and achieve the most important needs.

Countless oppressive bosses

The more anger, the greater the rewards. This is the basic principle of this game and for this process this game includes more than one hundred and eighty bosses, which are easy to find. In addition, players can change the game to their liking, with the option to customize the game. Players can customize the style of dirty and ruthless bosses and you can do various experiments to reduce your stress.

Advantages of the MOD version

For players, this version has great and cool features that will make the gameplay more interesting. Advertising during the game is considered unimportant and annoys players during the game but in the mode version players will get gameplay without ads. In addition, the free shopping feature makes it easy to get any equipment and necessities in the game. Unlimited money, coins that rapidly increase the importance of players in the game and give the game a chance to get more excited.


Players will find this game strange but terrific where every action will always be full of anger. The unique thing about the game is that it eliminates stress in every way and for this a variety of tools have been added to the game. The graphics of the game must be described here which makes the game more brilliant in every action of the game. In this unlocked version, Android gamers can quickly change the direction of the game and easily increase the intensity of their anger. Now it’s time to install this game and immerse yourself in this wonderful story.

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