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CPU Z APK is a handy tool that provides comprehensive information about a mobile device. It lets the user learn a lot about the technicalities of your gadget.
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Apr 19, 2023
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CPU Z APK is a handy tool that provides comprehensive information about a mobile device. It lets the user learn a lot about the technicalities of your gadget. The app provides information about the CPU, its frequency and other values. In addition, it is possible to see the free Ram of the device, the display resolution and the amount of the model. There is also a segment in which the user can view the battery settings: remaining power level, voltage, temperature, etc.


About to CPU Z App

If you want to test your smartphone’s identifying performance, such as real-time measurement of each core’s internal frequency or memory frequency, then CPU Z should be your app because it runs on your smartphone. Can access everything Best of all, it does not require any special permission to access and disclose this information. The CPU Z app collects information about the internal hardware components of your smartphone and keeps it out of view. This app can easily access information such as processor name and number, code name, process, package, cache level. In addition, you can see the device’s brand and model, screen resolution, RAM, storage, and battery information.

Using CPU Z APK to View Your PC Information

You will have no problem using CPU Z APK as the interface is simple and very easy to use. After opening the tool, it automatically scans all hardware and then returns this information to the tool interface. The first tab displays CPU information. From here, you can see the processor name, number of cores and threads, code name, socket, maximum TDP, technologies, clock speed, cache, and more. If you are using two processors on the motherboard, there is a drop-down menu to select “Processor # 1” and “Processor # 2”

Key Features of CPU Z APK

  • Displays information about the Android version, API level, kernel architecture and root access.
  • Learn about your device’s battery. Learn about health, charging levels, capacity and battery temperature.
  • View CPU architecture, core clock speed, CPU load, and other details.
  • Check about GPU, vendor details and GPU clock speed.
  • Check about device brand, model and other details.
  • Displays the thermal values ​​obtained from the sensor.
  • Learn all about your phone sensor. View the live values ​​of each sensor.
  • CPU Z is an ad-supported app.
  • Displays screen, device weight and RAM details and information about the phone’s internal and external memory.

Download CPU Z APK to learn More about Your Device

You can download this APK version without difficulty by clicking on the download button above. Once the APK file is downloaded, just install it and your app will be ready and running over time. When you open the app for the first time, you’ll be taken to the SOC screen where processor speed, CPU load, and clock speed are displayed in real time. This is followed by the Devices tab in CPU Z, which displays all the hardware features of your phone, such as company name, brand, construction, weight and dimensions. All information you receive through this app is accurate and complete.

Next, you go to the Systems tab which displays details of android version, API level, and boot loader. The Battery tab in CPU Z shows the battery level, health and temperature. With a thermal sensor tab that displays your online temperature that your monitor monitors as they fluctuate. This is followed by all the important sensor tabs that tell you about the sensor. This tab is very important in terms of the information displayed.


CPU Z is a great hardware tool for Windows and now also for Android. While it’s still in beta, the speed and accuracy of the information it offers makes it a great program. Download CPU Z apk for your smartphone. If you’re having any trouble feels free to comment down below and we will help you as much we can.

What's new

  • Samsung Exynos 980/990.
  • MediaTek MT6768.
  • ARM Cortex-A65, Cortex-A78, Cortex-A76AE, Neoverse N1 & E1.
  • Fix validation issue

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