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Day R Premium is a great RPG title with scenes of danger, frustration, helplessness and destruction. There is a glimmer of hope but the condition for this is that you have to use your sharp mind. In other words, it’s like Game Day R Survival, where the risk of death is always there. Make wise decisions and complete countless tasks in the game. Get and enjoy everything instantly with the Day R Premium MOD APK version.

Day R Premium MOD APK

About to Day R Premium

Avoiding the effects of toxic radiation is not easy. Its shadow is digested by every human being at all times. In the game, your position is that you are one of the few who are alive. Day R Premium offers players countless opportunities in extreme situations. Only those who cope with the situation will make progress, otherwise disaster may soon engulf you. Introduce yourself to the world of destruction and ease your every difficulty and make your character the best survivor in this game. Go through every process for your survival and find the important things to make your experience real. Day R Survival does not at any time assure the players that the situation is improving. It’s up to you how you change the situation.

Day R Premium MOD APK

The adventure of the Day R Premium MOD APK takes players to endless survival operations where players can join the survival process at any time. The biggest reason behind this is the innumerable elements involved in this game. Every action of the game presents a great setup to the players. Players will see a dramatic change in the game environment with each passing moment.

The game provides players with a variety of realistic fields, maps, buildings, houses and everything that will always make players feel real. Basically the presence of all this makes the players more interested in the game and the players take part in all their missions with interest. The whole game revolves around Russian states that are not easy to discover. Discover and enjoy never-ending states as well as never-ending fun.

Get plenty of resources

In a world of catastrophe, too much effort cannot be sustained without resources. The most important goal in the game is to accumulate resources. Players seek refuge in various places, sometimes in dense forests and sometimes in populated cities. Although nothing can be said for sure about a place in the game, you have to go everywhere for your survival. Find food for your survival for which you can hunt animals.

Similarly, players will involve themselves in the crafting process. You have to make weapons or arrows, swords, knives, whatever. You can use them in difficult situations or in enemy attacks. Go to the forest and collect firewood and make tools from it. In the same way you can get important goods from different places. There are so many items in the game that need to be achieved. All of these things will play an important role in keeping the players safe.

Improve skills and find allies

Game activities allow players to use their creative thinking. You are not only a player but you have to take part in many processes in view of the dangers. Day R Premium presents players with countless challenges and missions that can be solved through your performances. Improving skills is the most important requirement of any player, so always advance yourself in every process and improve your skills. You are not alone in this destructive environment; there are many other players who need to be explored. Find all these people and become their allies and exchange goods with them when needed and also get their help.

Confronting monsters and other creatures

The special thing about the game is that you keep your character engaged in various processes. Whether it’s the manufacture of equipment or the making of tools and vehicles, the game offers valuable options to players. You will make every decision of your own survival and involve yourself in every action that will benefit you. Don’t take the game lightly for a moment. Changing circumstances can end your life suddenly. Equip yourself to face dangerous creatures in the game. When you suddenly encounter these creatures, use all your energy and attack from different directions.

Day R Premium Modes

Day R Premium MOD offers players a variety of modes that can instantly change the game’s adventure. Each mode involves different challenges so you can easily choose the one you like. Similarly, each mode has its own mechanism for which the players have to meet all the needs. If you want to connect your adventure with online gamers then multiplayer is definitely the first option. Other game modes, including real life and hard mode, have their own standards and practices. Players can add themselves to all of these and further expand the game environment.


The story of the game definitely makes the game great which is why the players enjoy this game immensely. When it comes to graphics, a great visual system has been introduced where everything is real for every scene. Once you are immersed in the environment involved in the game, your curiosity to act increases. Play the game with a special mindset and get yourself out of the world of destruction.

What's new

Day R Premium MOD Menu APK keeps a close eye on your every need. Players will have easy access to every need as well as free shopping. Players can earn unlimited money by counting themselves in the never ending adventure of the game. Easily access every feature in Mod version and get instant access to any part with Unlocked Everything.

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