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E2PDF APK is a third-party backup app that makes it easy for mobile users to convert important files to important formats.
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E2PDF APK is a third-party backup app that makes it easy for mobile users to convert important files to important formats. Thanks to its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, the tasks performed by it offer a completely amazing experience. The app is built for every operating system and aims to provide mobile users with the most effective backup convenience. Its high-speed system quickly recognizes any format and converts it according to the user’s preferences.

The main benefit of this program is for those who have access to XML or PDF formats at a time. From contacts to SMS, it’s easy to not only store content, but also transfer it to Google Drive or the cloud with a secure process. To take full advantage of the app’s capabilities, it’s important to understand all of its functions and operations. This article will certainly emphasize ease of use as well as usability in this regard.


About of E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore

E2PDF offers important functionality to ensure monitoring of critical data. The app makes it easy to get multiple benefits at once. The basic process of this program works according to mobile data. Be it call log, text messages or contacts log etc. thanks to this users can easily convert all these data into PDF. Users can change the format of any data at any time with simple steps and rely on the drive for a completely secure process.


This program is considered very useful for data management and backup. It not only keeps track of the current mobile history but also alerts about the importance of important things. Using this will definitely make it easier to recover important data in the future. In addition, its interface provides easy-to-follow instructions. After its use, data from critical functions can be qualitatively analyzed and backed up for future need. Install E2PDF APK now and enjoy the benefits of this amazing program.

Why Download E2PDF APK?

  • The results obtained from the application facilitate the acquisition of complete secure data.
  • The main feature of the app is that it is free which means users will get free access to premium features.
  • E2PDF APK is 100% safe to download.
  • You can store all your important records directly from the app to Google Drive or iCloud.
  • The app has a wide range of options for converting formats that you can use to make your data more efficient.
  • Easily compatible with all devices including Android, iOS, tablets.

How E2PDF app Works?

  • The app allows converting images, documents, files or URLs to PDF format so that users can use any option they want.
  • First you need to select the PDF format and apply any data from the attached file.
  • After selecting you have to start the convert and it will take few seconds.
  • After completion you need to go to the folder of the app and open the completed task.
  • Next you need to give a title so you can easily find your data.
  • The next step is to export which will only be associated with your personal email.
  • Finally, you can also save your documents to your mobile device storage.

Features of the E2PDF APK

Efficient interface:

Most of the users think that its interface is based on complex steps, but it is not. Each process is easily managed with regular instructions aimed at providing maximum efficiency. Also, the speed of this app is said to be very fast as it is capable of converting large storage data.

Restore Data:

Deleting any important data is sometimes a problem. This app is highly valued in this regard as it has an excellent restore feature. Thanks to this, users can quickly get back their important data.

SMS, Call Log Backup:

This app is fully functional when it comes to protecting important information. One of the highlights of the app is its built-in backup feature. It is not just one part but many parts. Users can protect their essential data with its secure solution. Be it contact log backup, text call or message, every action can be completed with just one click.

Organized layout:

Every process performed by the application is managed systematically. Thanks to this, users can easily search all PDF data and change the format at any time. In addition, it has an XML format facility which essentially represents the main format. Users can easily select any format and customize any layout.

Without any restrictions:

The most important question is whether a process has any limits. Not so, countless users can benefit from this app. Second, there is no restriction for any process, so users will be able to easily access unlimited features after using it.

Fully accessible:

E2PDF is completely unlocked so you are free to use any feature you want. It is definitely a great concept and will always feel like a premium version.

Final Words

The above details show that this app can be very important in our daily life. Most importantly, it makes it easy to convert important documents or files from one format to another. Now it’s time to get real results from this app so download it and enjoy.

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