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This is a powerful photo editing app that lets you not only filter and frame your photos, but also edit the colors and insert funny stickers on any photo.
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Oct 9, 2023
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Fotor Photo Editor Mod APK is a free hands-on photography software developed by Everimaging Ltd that enables you to make a complete transformation of your photos, regardless of its features. It offers a wide range of editing tools, as well as automatic softening, imperfections and natural makeup for the skin.

On top of that, it also provides wrinkle remover, stain remover, photo repository, tooth whitening, red eye remover, eye tint, blush and lip color, which will enhance the output of your image.

Fotor Photo Editor Mod APK

What is Fotor Photo Editor Mod APK?

This is a powerful photo editing app that lets you not only filter and frame your photos, but also edit the colors and insert funny stickers on any photo. Fotor Photo Editor has over 50 different filters and effects that you can apply to your photos, resizing them with a single tap. You can apply more than just one effect, combining them with great results.

Featured in Fotor Photo Editor that will allow you to play the depth of the field with the tilt shift. This feature allows you to fade your image and create smaller landscapes. Another interesting feature is that you can pixelate any part of the image with your finger.

As a result, the censorship of images in the news is similar to that of pixelation. Fotor Photo Editor is an interesting image editing app with many interesting features. It also has an easy to use interface.

Fotor Photo Editor Mod APK Features


The ‘Basic’ tool includes basic adjustment options such as color change, contrast, saturation, and speed for photos. In addition, you can change the speed to indicate the outstanding level of detail. Since the actual JPEG image contains a certain amount of trees, you need to adjust a bit to get a better image.

You should try to change the parameters a little at a time until you are satisfied with the image. Keep things to a minimum before proceeding. Otherwise, your photos will not be as perfect as you would like them to be.

Image Setting

The home of all the tools is the left panel of the application. These include crop, magic clipper, rotate fine tone, as well as ‘basic’ tools. This app gives you a lot of tools to edit your images, such as gamma adjusting, color selection, blurring, sketching, coloring and more. You can quickly draw pictures or add your desired content.


Colors include temperature and tint. If they are missing, they will be useful for correcting white balance and color palette. You can change the color parameters to take a black image, a color, or a color of your choice.

Editing the photos

This is the option that the photographer needs the most. To open the icon in the footer, click ‘Edit’ from the homepage, the editor will open. If this is your first time using the footer, the “Add Photo First” dialog box will appear at the top. Click on it, select the source of the application that makes the application for uploading photos. You can select an image in your image libraries, or you can take a selfie and then upload it to this app.


There are over a hundred different frames for you to try. You can find most frames from basic shapes to colorful or unique frames. These frames will make your photos perfect and eye-catching.


The app has enough sticker stores for inserting images, which has a lot of images on different topics like money, music, love, etc. Change.

Easy to Use

The next feature that shows that downloading the Fotor Photo Editor is worth considering is the easy use of editing. In this case, you can check and learn the editing tools. After you install the app, you can try clicking “Photo Editor” to use the photo editing interface. Later, you can look to add and edit your photo with the drag and drop tool. Next, use all the tools to edit your images, such as Scenes, Crop, Adjust, Effect, Borders, Textures, Focus, and Text.


Below the main table is the effect panel. These are built-in effects that you can apply to your photos instantly. Some of the outstanding fotor effects include hot and cold, classic toys and more. You can choose from over a hundred different effects that are preloaded in the application. With these effects, not only do your photos look unique, but they still become a great and perfect thing.


Like PicMonkey, Footer also includes a comprehensive beauty, enhancement tool. This tool includes blemish fix removes acne, glowing skin smooth skin, wrinkle remover remove wrinkles, embarrassment, etc. You also have special tools for the eyes and mouth.

Tap Improve

This is an interesting feature available in the footer. It will fix automatically, improve your photos. Although results aren’t always perfect, you can consider this fast processing mode when you want to edit photos faster. If you are going to edit everything quickly, click this tap.


If you want your photos to be unique then you also want to add some textures with the unique texture of this app. It gives you a lot of fancy images that you can refer to.


Resize is an option that allows you to resize images. You can also cut and resize files by entering specific parameters. Alternatively, you can enter a percentage to resize the icon.


Before you share with your friends how to compliment a series of images, you just took a photo with a photo editor – a simple and easy image editing tool. Download it now so you can create perfect photos without having to learn much about Photoshop.

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