Download GTA Vice City APK 1.09 (OBB Data File) For Android

The game offers a high quality sound with HD display and lighting effects so that you can play the game permanently without getting bored and the sound effects will motivate you for success in the game.
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February 6, 2023
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GTA Vice City APK for Android worked when the first entry was created and published by Star Games and is in the fourth entry of the GTA series. The first three instalments were granted by DMA design. Featuring a third-person perspective, the game has an open world shape like the rest of its entries. The game was critically acclaimed and was well received by many prominent gaming communities around the world. Was considered a major improvement over its previous three instalments. It was 2002 PS2 high profile game on Meta critic. Soon, he also had the honour of becoming one of the best-selling sports ever. More than 18 years have passed and it still manages to refresh our childhood memories.

GTA Vice City APK

During 1980s, the city of Vice City the name of the legendary city based completely on fascinating and coastal Miami fell victim to systematic crime. Tommy Varsity is trying to end his dirty career when he feels all the pressure and difficulty that requires honesty and, therefore, decides to return to the world of crime.

However, his return will not be as easy as he imagined. When Varsity left him, some of his colleagues became angry, abandoned, and betrayed, and now they will do whatever they can to make sure the former partner’s life is not easy. And, preferably, no. In this unique setting, Grand Theft Auto Vice City is located, where the player enters Tommy’s skin to avoid traumatic trouble.

Overview GTA Vice City APK

Generally, GTA is designated as Grand Theft Auto. It is one of the most highly rated adventure Android games. It is otherwise called an action game. In addition, it works on Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS platforms. So, based on your convenience, you can choose the languages ​​of your choice. In fact, it allows the user to change the layout of the graphics that it needs to use.

In addition, it offers you several options to successfully reach your destination. It has unlimited resources. In fact, you have to play countless hours to complete the game. The game offers a high quality sound with HD display and lighting effects so that you can play the game permanently without getting bored and the sound effects will motivate you for success in the game. ۔

GTA Vice City APK Features

Precise Targets

The purpose of the weapons has also been developed. Now your character has much better control of his weapons with less hesitation.

Customize your controls

If you feel a little out of place, you have the option to customize the controls in the game. Adjust the controls and set them to your liking. Furthermore, the controls are really smooth to use in this Android version of GTA Vice City.

Beautiful Graphics

Graphics quality in this is very outstanding. This means you can enjoy the game with clear images and than the original version. All character designs and weather environment have also been enhanced. Also, you can edit screen resolutions. It also supports higher resolutions.

Many Languages

English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and many more languages ​​are offered in the GTA Voice City to further enhance your gaming experience. Just choose the language of your choice and enjoy the game.

Various exciting missions

Completing these missions at GTA is our top priority Vice City APK. Without eliminating them properly, we can’t get to the next mission of the game. Your campaign will begin with easy missions and difficulty levels and their duration. In addition, there are many exciting missions in the game. You may as well complete these missions and earn serious money from them.

Unique Gameplay

GTA Voice City for Android is based on the open world format. This means you have an amazing opportunity not only to complete missions but also to find playgrounds or areas on a new level. You can easily rob or kill someone, steal someone’s car, rob someone, make fun of a police officer, and do many other things in the game.

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There is a wide range of weapons and the body coach can also be used in sports. Many side missions are also available. In addition, you can perform some serious stunts in the game that can fill your account with beautiful amounts.

Bugs Fixed

All bugs or bugs have been removed from GTA Voice City. It will run very easily on your Android device. In addition, there is no risk of viruses or malware. Your device is completely safe to use.


This is also supports the Moga Wireless Game Controller. Furthermore, it is compatible with many USB game pads.

GTA Vice City APK

What is a GTA OBB file and why do you need it?

Many of you may be thinking that you only need a game file to play the game. So, why do you need OBB files? This file is used to help the operating system recognize various formats. Your device’s operating system uses OBB data to find the correct application or program to run the game without a hitch.

OBB stands for OPEC Binary Blob. It works like a memory to keep extra details of the game you are playing. OBB files store all maps, levels and other additional information about the GTA Voice City game. That’s why you need this file on your file. When you purchase it from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, OBB files are merged with the game. You need to download this file separately using GTA Voice City to play this game for free.

Download for Android 

  • If you want to download this Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Just click the download button below.
  • When it comes down to it, the process of downloading this game is quite simple. Based on your phone model, you should select the latest apk data file. After that, download the game on your Android devices.
  • You don’t have to worry about internet data because it requires minimal data. In addition, please make sure you have a fast internet connection when downloading this game.
  • To play this game you get an important advantage that the user can play using laptops, Android phones as well as tablets.
  • Likewise, it’s not only easy to download, but you can easily install it on your device within minutes.
  • First and foremost, you should create an empty folder and place the downloaded file on it. After that, install apk file then you will be able to play the game
  • The above procedure is only for those who want to install games using cache.
  • Also, do not try to start the game without cash, because whenever you start playing without cash, the game is deleted.


By playing this game, you will definitely be able to deal with the frustration that has made you better and have a good time driving the best cars, after which you will be refreshed to continue your daily activities. Will stay. The best thing about the game is that it is complete in itself and you don’t rely on any other spirit to play it and have the best experience of your life. We believe, once you log in to this game, you will never log out of it and keep you happy all the time.

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