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Hungary Dragon is an amazing arcade style game whose story is definitely interesting where players will consider themselves dragons in this game. Every action of the game will take players from easy to difficult tasks, which must be completed. If you don't, it will only increase the dragon's appetite.
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Hungry Dragon MOD APK is a fun and action-packed game where each player will go through different actions to satisfy the dragon’s hunger. All the activities of the game provide opportunities to the players in different places. Players always have to stay in heaven or on earth with their dragons. The beginning of the game will surely keep the gamers always excited for their fun so count yourself in the world of the game and consider yourself a dragon.

Hungry Dragon MOD APK

Introduction of Hungry Dragon Game

Hungary Dragon is an amazing arcade style game whose story is definitely interesting where players will consider themselves dragons in this game. Every action of the game will take players from easy to difficult tasks, which must be completed. If you don’t, it will only increase the dragon’s appetite.

Basically you have a dragon in this game which definitely needs food for its survival as now as a player it is your responsibility to feed your dragon. Hungry Dragon allows players to explore the game world for the whole process. For this you have to go to different villages and mountainous areas. Of course, there you must find something.

The most interesting thing about this game is that when your dragon flies, your dragon sees something on the ground and when he succeeds, he immediately grabs it and eats it and satisfies his hunger. To make the game more interesting, go everywhere and keep your dragon’s stomach as full as possible and enjoy the game.

What is Hungry Dragon MOD APK?

As a player he has various important needs. Surely with all these needs he can create every power in his dragon. First of all, a lot of money if the players have unlimited money and they can buy anything immediately. Second thing the infinite gems that make the dragon’s survival more powerful. Next, unlimited diamonds that allow players to improve their dragon skills all the time is also a big advantage of the game.

You should try your best to increase the power and abilities of your dragon. The most important action is to hunt. Your dragon is capable of eating everything, so go to places where it can find birds or animals. This is the key to boosting your dragon’s energy. As the dragon has the power to fly, so go to the tops of the mountains or the outer path and find the prey there and swallow it.

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Players don’t want to starve their dragon too much as it will weaken your dragon and sometimes it can even cause death. According to the dragon, no creature can escape from it, so you have to find different creatures that will allow your dragon to increase its power rapidly.

Hungry Dragon MOD APK Highlights

Extreme anger and fighting

Hungry Dragon takes you to endless running where you always keep your dragon in high air. The goal of the players is always to keep their character engaged in the fun for which you are looking for different places and temples. You certainly can’t find a comfortable environment on every floor because there are extra forces in the game that you have to fight with.

In this journey of confrontation you have the opportunity to show your strength to fight your enemies and you try to make your character dominate the other forces. Hungry Dragon presents you with various challenges and levels where each time you encounter a dangerous dragon and vent your rage on your opponents. The game is about showing your ego and ability. The more your character fights, the easier it will be for you to access the facilities.

Customize your dragon

Customizing your dragon on the field makes the game even more interesting. Hungry Dragon offers players a number of options that you can choose to customize your dragon. The main purpose of magical costumes is to increase the power of dragons where players can accelerate their dragons by wearing these costumes.

Access to these costumes creates additional benefits for your dragon that you can use in various competitions. The main purpose of the game is to increase the appetite of the dragon and to fight the enemies, so the players will use every need at the best time.

Never ending levels

There are many things in the game world that can be used to increase the curiosity of the game. First of all, the players will always be engaged in the challenge of achieving some goal here. Similarly, players have the opportunity to fight against different forces of the enemy, each time fighting with new forces. To improve the competition, players need to increase the dragon’s abilities with each action.

To speed up your dragon’s attack, gain access to the fiery parts where the dragon’s power increases. Your dragon can set fire and destroy everything. This is possible only when his appetite is always satisfied. When the enemy stops you from getting things here, intensify the fire attack.


The various modes included in the game that can be customized for the enjoyment of the game allow players to be more engaged. Players can choose to have fun or online mode as well as more players can organize different tournaments where each fight is intense. Furthermore, Players can choose Fire Rush mode to make the game more interesting and intense.

In the same way, players can improve their entertainment in a number of ways. Most special, the game also has 15 special breeds of dragons which are very good in every way so you have to meet the challenges to access them.

Final Words

The great story of the game and every player uses every step to maximize their enjoyment until each goal is completed. 3D graphics and colorful locations always draw players to the game. Interest in the game will force you to access more parts which will give you the opportunity to make your dragon the most powerful dragon in the world.

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