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As a driver, you are responsible for delivering goods and passengers to the stations as needed. You have the right to choose from multiple missions for the desired rewards.
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Highbrow Interactive
Sep 25, 2023
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Indian Train Simulator Mod APK: Simulation games always bring players useful experiences and necessary information about a particular industry or field. In such simulator games, it is named Indian Train Simulator. The simulation game of the train system uses India to provide a brand new experience to the players. Other artificial games often take place in western cities, and they emphasize the management of trains at train stations.

But the game is different because it allows players to experience not only controlling the train but also managing the train stations scattered all over India. In the game players get a super graphics, and the best experience while enjoying the game. It also promises the best features. In general, this is a train driving simulation game, published by Highbrow Interactive – developer of popular games such as Railroad Crossing, Euro Train Simulator and Indonesian Train Simulator. If you have trying any of these games, you want definitely enjoy this game that I will present bottom.

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK


As a driver, you are responsible for delivering goods and passengers to the stations as needed. You have the right to choose from multiple missions for the desired rewards. Overall, the gameplay and game controls are quite simple. Each day, you will control the train and stop at the stations. Previously completed, you will obtain a bonus and unlock the next level. Dashboards will be given around the edges of the screen.

The developer has very honestly replicated the cockpit, full of train control. Of course, you will do the same, start the engine, turn on the lights in the compartment, turn on the headlights, turn on the turn signal, and turn on the wiper, press the horn and brake. In addition, day and night cycles and weather effects are also presented in the Indian train simulator. These factors are constantly changing, and you need to be the safest driver possible. So, the fact that you pick up passengers and interact with them will help their experience.

After the trip, the system will collect feedback from users. You can also see the percentage which is satisfied, unhappy or angry. Of course, these feed backs are important. who will immediately influence the rewards and bonuses you receive after your trip. Tips for satisfying your customers are to obey traffic rules, drive at a reasonable speed, and use the signal system to drive information safely.

Important Point of Indian Train Simulator

Another thing you need to know is that each train model will have different control mechanisms and cockpits. So, the buttons can be rearranged, or even some new controls can be added. But don’t worry; this Simulator will guide you on how to start a train and new controls if you have a new train.

Stunning 3D Graphics

Indian Train Simulator uses state-of-the-art 3D graphics, captures the whole world, and gives players a real sense of atmosphere, location, And everything. Interestingly, the game will replicate 32 popular destinations in India, as if it offers players free travel around India.

The trains will be simulated in detail, along with the actual size, as well as important visual effects, which are worthy of being one of the best realistic simulation games. Indeed. The game’s graphics aren’t as high as you might think, but it can automatically adjust the performance of each device, making sure the player has the best experience of the game.

Chose Your Favorite Train

There are more than 50 types of trains and subways. However, there are only 18 available WA, WC and WD series engines: WAG9, WDP4, WDG4, and WDG-3A. The rest of the money can be opened with money and added to the level of the game. If you can afford to complete the journey well, you will experience them in return.

Best Features 

  • Loco hood side selection
  • More than 25 camera angles
  • Photo mode for taking great screen shots
  • Full driver cabins for each engine
  • Horns and sounds for movement
  • Authentic passenger coach
  • Changing track
  • World class signaling system
  • Adding / decoupling
  • Double heading
  • Dynamic time and weather
  • Intelligent AI trains
  • Controllable doors

Final Words

The game is about running real Indian trains. This is made with both passenger and cargo trains. There are super fast express trains like Shatbadi and lots of cargo trains. It can be opened by gamers during the game. The game is built using the best quality graphics that provide in-depth details in each coach.

It offers great camera angles and sound playback. A modified version of the game allows gamers to unlock the entire gameplay. it will help them to play all the gaming modes as per their advantage and choice. The gamer will be able to put his best foot forward in the initial stage.

What's new

  • New career style with experiences
  • 20+ interesting chapters
  • Introduced Train Builder
  • New scoring system

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