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Indigo Lake shooter is a terrifying quest with elements. The minor incidents around it have always attracted tourists and this is the reason for gossip. However, suicides have recently become more frequent, numerous experts attribute this to the dark forces. Your comrade went to this place to find out for himself what the reason was for the people who went crazy, but they did not return. So you are going there armed and ready for danger.

Indigo Lake is not just a 3D Android shooter. First of all it is a horror with lost intrigue and pleasant atmosphere. You will roam the open world, be saved and get rid of the dark forces. Ghost monsters, what you want to note in the past is the level of graphic. Especially eye light and lighting effects such as electric laser, brightening the brightness.

Indigo Lake Mod APK

Gameplay Indigo Lake Mod APK

Indigo Lake is the world’s first person psychological horror game. Which is set next around an abandoned lake resort. The player can move freely anywhere in the environment to track down and remove the spiritual force. With so many environments 4X4 vehicle around the map, it can be used to quickly. The player is equipped with a hand gun equipped with a tracer around which can scare away the spirits, can blast from door and trigger puzzles.

It is filled with the latest 3D graphics techniques to create a living world. Trees, plants and even rain move in the wind. Modern particles fill the atmosphere and distant light illuminates every corner. Indigo Lake shows the most impressive weather effect ever seen on a mobile phone where every rain falls on Surface, full-screen flowers and colorful distractions elevate the game’s graphics to a level that can’t be seen on mobile platforms

Features Indigo Lake Mod APK

  • Per Pixel Lighting on all surfaces even on slower devices
  • Destroyable objects
  • True projectile based hand gun
  • Physics based drivable vehicle
  • True particle collision physics
  • Large free roaming map
  • Elegantly designed first person controls 


Real nature was applied to the dynamics of vehicle, in which the sovereignty of each wheel an independent. Complex physics also captures the model of the player, so you can hit, knock and throw in the air.

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