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LOST in BLUE MOD APK tests the intelligence of the players so once you start here you can start as a man or a woman.
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Adventure games always attract players fast. The main reason for this is that every moment in these games is full of fun and thought. If you always find yourself immersed in these kinds of games then you must try Lost in Blue. Survival game where there is always a shadow of anxiety and you will use all your energies to deal with all these situations. To make the game more interesting, you have a number of options that you can use to get out of this situation. Play LOST in Blue MOD APK and enjoy.


Introduction of LOST in BLUE game

Difficult situations and sudden onset of time is no less than resurrection for anyone. You will see the same thing here. The story of the game revolves around a unique adventure where you have to go through all sorts of situations to survive. Lost in Blue is an adventure role playing game where you suddenly encounter unpleasant situations. Beginning, when the plane crashes and you board it like the rest of the passengers. The scene of sudden resurrection is in front of everyone and everyone dies. But you are the only one who is alive.

As soon as you come to your senses, in front of you are a deep sea and bodies and scattered belongings. You will be amazed to see this whole scene and will try to find a safe place around you where you can get help. But there is no sign of human existence on this island. Restore your morale and find all the elements that can guarantee your life. The situation is difficult, of course, but you will find the right path.


LOST in Blue MOD APK tests the intelligence of the players so once you start here you can start as a man or a woman. Since you are trapped, you first need to set up a shelter where you can live. Don’t expect any immediate help because you are in the deep sea and no help is far away. Here you will make all the arrangements for your life. If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood movie (cast away) then like this movie you are alone and far away there is only deep water. You have water, so you will have plenty of water to drink, look for herbs that you can apply to your wounds.

Then you will have to find the resources on this island that are essential for keeping you alive. Of course there are many secrets you don’t know but once you start searching you will find them all. Players have to go to nearby places for equipment and find all the necessities that can be used. By doing this slowly, you will be able to defend yourself in every situation. The first step is to assemble the weapon or there are strong tree bushes. You can also use them as a sharp object.

The more stuff you collect, the easier it will be for you to deal with unpleasant situations. To make the adventure more spectacular, you can grow vegetables or find seeds that can give you good yields. Focus on finding the items that will help you spend your time. From food to drinks you have to find all kinds of things yourself. So you have to step into the game with your thinking and intelligence.

Facing Mysterious Creatures

The game suddenly takes an interesting turn at a time when players are aware of the presence of another human being on the island. That character also suffered a similar tragedy and is living his life alone on this island. You will soon find out that there are mysterious creatures on this island who want to hunt you down. Players will find different groups of zombies in the game who are thirsty for human blood. To deal with these creatures, you have to change your strategy and kill them selectively.

At the same time, you have to take care of the characters who are like you and who are in trouble. Build different shelters or campuses, you always have to find a place where monsters can’t reach you. Zombies can attack you at any time, so always carry equipment to kill them and eliminate them whenever they encounter you.

Adventure in 3D Environment

The game offers players a variety of modes to keep busy at all times. PVE and PVP facility is the best way to enhance your adventure. Similarly, the experience of playing with players from around the world makes it easier for you to exchange important needs. You can set up a boat or camp here where you can store all your belongings. In terms of graphics, this game impresses the players the most.

Here you will find every character, every movement, in a realistic way. There are countless real things that need to be discovered to enhance the beauty of the game. Climbing a mountain or enjoying a fire in your tent or the sounds of water in the middle of the night will always make you more interested in the game.


The game is readily available on Android or iOS devices. But with the MOD version, Android users can make the game even more spectacular with unlimited everything. There are many resources available to you, including the map feature. Start the game and customize your adventure.

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