PUBG Mobile Mod APK Download [Unlimited UC, AimBot]

PUBG Mobile is a well known and most playing game in all over the world. This game has achieved worldwide popularity with 8 out of 10 teenagers playing day and night. It gives you so much fun that you can’t stop yourself from playing this game. PUBG is a shooter game that is very similar to other games like GTA Voice City. Although this is a very difficult game and you need to pay full attention to play this game, but it also gives you a lot of fun.

The great advantage of the game is that people have their own strategic thinking, and the logical approach has finally won the war. The game was developed and published by a video game company called Blue Hole. This survival game top the Android and iOS game rankings in many countries, with tens of millions of downloads just two weeks after its launch. This is a shooting game that requires you to install 2 GB RAM on your Android devices.

Everyone enjoys sports. Most people don’t want to do the right thing, and they always try to do something. Therefore today you are here to download mod version, before that you will choose the best PUBG name for your PUBG profile to make it look very different. In this game Official PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is designed specifically for mobile. Play for free anytime, anywhere. PUBG Mobile offers extremely fast free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. Drop in, gear up, and compete. Avoid epic battles of 100 players, and fast 4v4 team death matches and zombie modes. Survival is key and the last stand wins.


What is PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

Every gamer who plays the game is normal with PUBG Mobile APK but the most of people are usual with PUBG Mod APK. This is a hacked version of PUBG that has been modified to gain additional control over this game. Other than that you can get aimbot, no recoil, unlimited UC etc, by installing this mode apk. This is a customized or customized APK version of PUBG mobile game to unlock the latest features accessible on the game.

It is mainly used to hack PUBG mobiles. By playing this mode apk, you can’t leave any matches. Here you will find a lot of free paid benefits like Legendary Outfit, Unlimited UC, Gun Skin, Vehicle Skin and Free RP. You do not need to use any PUBG Mobile ESP, PUBG script and PubG cheat code with this free mode app. Most important thing in this game when installing this wall hack, all you have to do is make sure you never observe yourself. This goal is not as insecure as the boot, because it is impossible to get all this. As long as, of course, you keep shooting enemies all over the walls.

This, obviously, can stop you from playing. But if you play it smart, you can achieve a lot in this match, without anyone knowing that you are using a hack tool. You may also play this game if you have a Windows laptop. Using an Apple phone or laptop and want to play PUBG, It is also available to you therefore this means that being a game lover you may never be disappointed with PUBG. The pubg developer takes care of everything that can give players a bad experience. Because this is an illegal process, your accounts may be blocked, and this means that you must download this application at your own risk. We will not be responsible when your account is blocked.


This game can may be played as a guest or you can also play it alone while holding your normal progress. The game starts with 100 players where each player selects a map of the island they want to play, Map shows the islands of Erangel, Miramar, Sanho and Vikendi.

Once the map is selected, players will receive a parachute to reach the selected area. The player will check the jump button and slide to the ground. The game begins when the player finds no weapon. Players search the area and are given weapons to kill enemies. As a team, the player who survives will win the round and advance to the next round.

What is Difference Between PUBG & PUBG MOD?

PUBG Mobile is the latest and most trendy fighting royal game. It has many unique features for the users and also gives them more fun and a better experience. When you play a game you get affected by the players, your health will decrease and if you don’t use a health kit or medical kit you will die. Well you have to be prepared to go further in the war. If you get a hit and someone knocks, you can call your friends to resurrect; you can chat and chat while playing this game.

Due to its excellent features, it is one of the most played sports in the world. Now we talk about PUBG MOD APK, If you have this device on your phone. With that you can get unlimited health, unlimited UC, unlimited money and unlimited everything. Most of the PUBG players use the PUBG APK in their phones. You can take advantage of this. You can easily kill them with PUBG MOD APK. And enjoy your winning chicken dinner.

What is PUBG Mobile MOD APK and OBB?

It has many unique features for the users and also gives them more fun and a better experience. This is available in 2 different mode categories.

Classic Mode

Battle of 100 players designs the classic mode. it allows you to participate as a solo, pair or squad of four players. If you choose a team or a pair, you may enjoy playing PUBG with friends. In Classic mode, various maps are also available for the convenience of the players.

Arcade Mode

There are some more options available in Arcade mode. These are associated to the sub-methods that help you to participate in different types of battles. So if you want to know more about PUBG game, you should know the following details

New Features of PUBG Mobile Mod APK


No one can hack your accounts after reporting competitors. If the first application has not been updated, you may use several hexes. If you use all the hacks after updating the original application, your account may be blocked for years.


This MOD APK supports PUBG Mobile Wall Hack well. These are the features of Wall Graphic Dragout. This removes the graphical restriction and your gun AMO can pass through any physical movement. This is a feature that will never let you down PUBG. Wall hacking means looking across the wall or knowing what’s on the other side of the wall.

With this feature, you can easily kill your enemies, no matter where they are hiding. Because if your enemy is hiding behind a wall and is planning to kill you, you may be capable to see it with the help of wall hack feature and you will kill him before he can shoot.

Show Items

This is an incredible feature you will never find on any PUBG MOD. In this option, you can show items available in the area. You can easily track everything like Medic, Gun, AMO, Car, Helmet and Vest in the room or place. It can help you manage time in the game, and you can overcome your enemies faster.

Unlimited UC

You will get PUBG UC for free and you may buy a premium pub voucher and skin free. Royal Pass and Gun Skin are limited to this UC and you cannot give it as a gift. From which you can buy new clothes, gun skins, motorcycle or car skins, etc.

No Retrieval

While playing the game, you find it difficult to kill the enemy because the guns move too far. So we introduce these features so that you can kill the enemy without any hassle. This is a useful feature described by PUBG Mod Apk.

Realistic weapon

Now you play the game, it looks like you have entered the virtual world. When you are on the map of PUBG, you can loot various weapons from the houses. When you land somewhere on the map, the first thing you have to do is turn things around. This means that you have collective names that will be visible from the real world. AK-47 gun Kar 98, granite, M416 and many other guns are available there.


This is an automated target feature that automatically targets the enemy. It tracks the movement of the enemy so that it can be targeted. It will automatically detect the enemy and your fire never escapes the enemy. The bullets you fired automatically hit the target.

Unlimited Health

In a typical PubG game once you are killed by head shots or even if someone tries to hit you, even if you are dying if a friend of yours does not move you , Even in PUBG mode you will get unlimited health, you cannot die in the game.

Map Vehicle Location

In this latest update, a new feature has now emerged. You can trace the distance of enemy vehicles with you. It will show the distance and location of the enemy vehicle on the gaming screen.

No Time limit

In PUBG Mobile a rule that could play 6 hours of matches in just 24 hours. But then his account was banned, then after 24 hours, then he would play again for half an hour. But inside such PUBG Mod APK he will play as long as he wants.

No Fog & Grass

This is a special feature in the PUBG mobile mode version. No fog feature will help you find it in foggy weather and will give you a 100% showing graphic. It helps you find the location of the cover, the building, the house and the house. No trace of grass will help you find it when it sleeps in the form of a snake. When you activate it you will have to rotate yourself.

Why Use PUBG Mobile Hack?

PUBG is now the most played game in the whole world on Android and iOS. Therefore, I must thinking that many of your friends are playing this game. Do you ever want to be the best player on PUBG among your friends? Fine, if your answer is yes, then you should certainly consider the option of using a hack. I mean, it’s not really a bad thing if you’re doing it for fun.

Just invite some of your friends to the match. Hack on and get rid of grass, trees and fog so you have a better chance of killing your enemies. If you wish to be more belligerent, you may turn on the automatic target option. Or if you don’t want to cheat in the match, you may also use this PUBG mobile hack only to obtain unlimited battle points. You may also show all your final skins to your friends. Nevertheless, if your purpose is to make one of the best players in the game by playing with random people, use this hack cautiously. Alternatively, you may be informed by other players. Our PUBG is not recognizable by mobile hack game, so you don’t have to worry about banning.

How to Install PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

  • First, uninstall the original PUBG program.
  • Download the PUBG Mobile mod APK link above in the post.
  • Then go to your settings and enable unknown sources. Setup >>> Unknown Sources >>> Allow.
  • Unknown sources.
  • Install the mobile app now.
  • Then transfer the OBB MOD apk file to android file.
  • Create a new account without logging in to the old one.
  • Now, enjoy the game.


We shared PUBG Mobile Mod apk so that all the details can be discussed correctly. Use all the features and enjoy the app. I hope this article is useful for all of you. I hope you have downloaded your favorite game to your phone and enjoy playing it. There are possibilities to provide games to the liking of the people. They like to play more adventure, fighting and shooting games so that such games are offered. Let me know if you have any problems downloading, I can fix it for you. Share this post with your friends, enjoy it

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