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This War is Mine Mod APK: In this game you will have a fresh and clear view of the battle. You will join people who have no weapons, they are suffering the consequences of war. Listen here You must have enjoyed it, right? I’m sure this conspiracy will make even more sense in you! Although the game is in war, but this time you do not play like a soldier, but instead are civilians.

The common denominator in all of these games is that they are plotting a devastating war. The game will show you how badly the war has affected innocent people. They will have to bear the brunt of the unjust war on their own motherland. This game will give you the opportunity to live in extreme conditions and without any help. Find a way to survive to the best of your ability. If not, you will die.

This War is Mine Mod APK

Story of This War is Mine Mod APK

The plot of the game is very different from other war games. The story of this game is taken from the real events of the Bosnian war and the innocent people who were the victims of the war and who spent more than 1400 days under siege of Sarajevo. In this game, you will build your story through your actions. Your mission in the game is to help people and survive in difficult situations.

During the day, you have to isolate the characters in different places to monitor and monitor the threat posed by the soldiers. In short, your challenge is to gather food, medicine and other essentials for your own survival and that of your people. You have to live until the end of the war and then write about your entire war experience.

Characteristics of This Game

  • Take control of your survivors and control your shelter
  • There are lots of levels in this games that you will love.
  • Game’s graphics are very well designed.
  • All kinds of grocery stores available to help you fight.
  • The game is inspired by real life events
  • It tells the story of war.
  • This War of Mine app can be played on both Android and PC.
  • Random worlds and characters whenever you start a new game
  • There is no charge for download.

Final Words

This fight is a great 9-10 rating game on My Pocket Gamer UK. The war left nothing but blood and tears. This game helps you to experience people’s lives in the context of war, through which you can learn more about human suffering and pain.

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