Download Zombie Tsunami Mod APK 4.5.2 (Unlimited Coins/Diamond)

Everyone loves a hero who fights evil zombies to restore peace in society. Zombie Tsunami Mod APK is a game that lets you step into the shoes of a zombie and makes the zombie like to make everyone like them and remove the last trace of humanity. The game allows you to go on a hesitation throughout the city that eliminates everything that gets in your way and eats everyone.

Today, we are going to talking about Zombie Tsunami game. Since its launch so far, the game has gradually become a memorable and indispensable game on mobile devices. Zombie games often focus on human survival before a catastrophe, in which the player needs to escape, build a base, or even find and kill an entire zombie.

Zombie Tsunami has 3D graphics and interesting sound effects. Walking on the streets and turning pedestrians into zombies feels so real and you have to move with such force.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK


Standing with the promise of well-being in its name, Zombie Tsunami is a game that gives the gamer the experience of the other end of the story. Instead of making you a savior, it makes you a destroyer.

The game turns you into a zombie who will attack a city and aim to turn everyone into a zombie and remove the last trace of human existence. You have to eliminate everything that comes your way and everyone has food. With high quality gameplay, Zombie Tsunami already has 200 million users.

Features of Zombie Tsunami 

  • Control the zombie horde with one button.
  • Crazy bonuses like Ninja, Dragon or UFOs among others.
  • Non-lax elements as you move forward with the game.
  • Different power-ups like zombie birds.
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • More than 300 missions.
  • 11 possible configurations
  • Compatibility with a number of devices.


This is a fun and unique endless runner game with over three hundred different missions that bring some variety to its gameplay. Also, the graphics of the game are much more attractive and well done than they may seem at first glance.

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