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Happy Glass is a very interesting puzzle game, in which you need to fill a glass of water. But this is not so easy. Happy glass is a puzzle game that has created the popular game take you to love’s Balls and draw. All you have to do this time is just fill a glass of water using only your creativity and a pencil. Your goal is to create a series of lines, Make sure that the tap water reaches the inside of the glass.

It’s very easy and interesting puzzle for people. But it’s not as easy it sounds. With each level it will become more complicated, you must need to draw lines so that it runs off from various objects and falls into a glass.

Happy Glass Mod APK

About Storyline

At each level of the happy glass you have to pass the least amount of water inside the glass. First, a good pair is enough to get the water needed to complete the level. As you enter the game, you will find yourself in a more complicated situation. Use a pencil in the to draw lines and shapes to redirect water.

Most important point ,the pre-existing element is very important at the level of remembering. Why? because you can’t draw on them. This means they will stop you from drawing certain lines, Your score depends on the amount of ink you’ve used. that is a very important thing in this game. If you use ink very little, you get three stars But if you use  lot of link you’ll only score one.

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Happy Glass is a great puzzle game that offers original and fun gameplay. The game also has a nice visual section and it offers a bad amount of different levels. for each game level you can also come up with your own solution so be creative and don’t be afraid to think out of the box. be aware that some game levels  look easy but your goal is just get the 3 stars.

Most Interesting Features of Happy Glass

  • Dynamic mechanism. draw lines freely to complete levels
  • Simple, smart and fun puzzles
  • Lots of levels with more coming soon
  • Fun and relaxing theme
  • Competitive Game
  • Addictive game
  • There are a lots of game levels.


It is very amazing puzzle games that will make you use your intelligence. All we have to do is fill our empty glass with water. We use these lines we will draw for this, but we also encounter different types of obstacles and difficulties. In the Happy Glass APK up to your creativity, and you have to must use your skills and draw the best line and fill the glass with water.

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