Durango Wild Lands APK Download for Android and IOS Latest Version

Durango Wild Lands APK is the best game for android that can be played at any age. The game is interesting and inspiring because it has good image and game play. In this game you will join a world with experience and a massive sand box. In addition, this game has some new features that will make the logo satisfying to play the game. This game will be with survival MMO where the player will be brought to the prehistoric age. In this game you will face some challenges and survive in harsh environment.

Unlike other survival games in this game you will play in a harsh environment because you will live in the wild. In Durango wild lands environment you will see a lot of dinosaurs even though the role that will be played in the game belongs to the modern world. This game you will face different enemies in each of the levels. Some of the enemies that will be in this game include slime, ogre, demon, other fantasy creatures and of course dinosaurs. You should to find and improve your potential in the Durango desert.

durango wild lands apk


Name Durango Wild Lands
Size 102 MB
Update 2020
Installs 5,000,000+
Version 5.2.1

In addition, the game has an impressive feature that players will enjoy playing the game. You will survive and be trapped in a prehistoric world full of carnivorous dinosaurs. Plus these games are available to bring or make a friend to keep yourself away from dinosaurs and make massive fortress about scale.

Since, this is an MMO and where you play one of the survivors of a strange incident that has transported tons of normal people to an unknown world teeming with dinosaurs. In this ancient world you have to make tools and you have to hunt dinosaurs also collect herbs, cook, and more. There are two modes of warfare in Durango, On the one hand, you can activate automatically mode where your character will attack at every opportunity. And On the other hand, you can fight manual mode, the attack will be overcome and avoiding it can move itself. You will need a weapon to win the battle. Fortunately, you can make dozens on different weapons.

durango wild lands apk


  • You can catch and tame the dinosaurs
  • The game has flexible crafting system
  • It has great mobile graphics


  • Limited information available for the game
  • There is no release date announced

durango wild lands apk

Features of Durango Wild Lands APK

  • Huge and beautiful world
  • Large-scale battles between tribes
  • Good controls
  • Modern graphics

Download and Install Durango Wild Lands APK

  • Download and Install Durango Wild Lands APK
  • click the download button and now install Durango Wild Lands APK
  • Click on the Durango Wild Lands APK app and start the installation process.
  • Launch the application and start using Durango Wild Lands APK
  • Enjoy it


Each sense of the word Durango has an impressive MMORPG. It’s not just the fact that the game has great graphics. Much better than other similar games in genre, and it offers a lot of content, the fact of the matter is that whatever the game does, it does well, and it does a lot.

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